Thursday, September 17, 2009

Galvanized Bucket with Shells, oil, 11x14, Painting in progress.

Step by step progession of the still life with bucket and shells. First, the 'drawing' is done in burnt umber. This is where I lay out the composition. I don't go to the second stop until I am satisfied with the layout. Second, adding the values in white and warm black (mix of ivory black and burnt sienna). In this step I put pure white in the very lightest/brightest spots in the painting. It is important to get all the values right in relation to each other - adding more detail but still using only white and black. Thirdly, color will be glazed in only after the value study is complete. When color is added it is added in steps. First, glazing with transparent colors. Then, with that glaze still wet, opaque color is scrumbled on. Little by little the black and white painting takes on color.