Thursday, January 17, 2013

Road to Lanvallay, 16x20, oil

I took the photo for this painting in 2009 when we visited our friends the Feuillades in France. Lanvallay is in Brittany. It was July but true to west coast weather it was rainy and cool in Brittany. In the origi
nal photo the sky was black with rain clouds. That's they way I first painted this scene but it was too dreary so I took the clouds out of the painting and gave it a yellow sky.

Three Persimmons, 14x16, oil

I picked these persimmons off a neighbors tree. I couldn't resist. The tree was loaded and the persimmons were beautiful. Persimmons from the grocery store have no appeal for painting. They looks shriveled, the leaves have been removed and they have lost their color and luster. The neighbors tree was a great find.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Super Storm Sandy, Mixed, 24 x 15.5

I was fascinated by this debris pile created by the clean up after hurricane Sandy. This is my version of the garbage pile. I was hoping to make something beautiful out of something so deadly and devastating. The painting is acrylic with bits of watercolors pasted into the debris pile. Many thanks to fellow artists and friends, Kris Kuester, Michael Musto, Noel Riney and Billie Fisher who contributed pieces of their watercolors to this painting.