Friday, April 29, 2011

The Grumpy Bunny Series

The Grumpy Bunny Series of paintings has become very popular. Thanks everybunn. The 6x6 paintings will be shown at the Scholls Ferry Starbuck across Hwy. 217 from Washington Square, Tigard. The 6x6 paintings will be for sale... $85 each framed (+shipping/handling if you are out of the area).

Show date: June 1st to 30th
Starbucks at Scholls Ferry #120
12700 SW North Dakota St
Tigard, Oregon 97223


Bridget I. said...

Hi there! I LOVE your paintings! We have a Dutch named Jasper, and 3 kitties who are still trying to figure out what he is ;). Is Grumpy Bunny #42 for sale, please? Best wishes, Bridget (Olympia, WA)

pdxrailtransit said...

Thank you so much for sending your bunnie photo to CuteOverload. I love your painting style. It looks some are painted on the rough side of texture!

Vance in PDX

Lorraine said...

Yes, #42 is for sale. It will be in my June show. The price is $135 framed. Contact me if you would like to buy it.

Lorraine said...

My Grumpy Bunny paintings are done on either Raymar panels which are hardboard covered with cotton canvas or on Ampersand hard boards which are smooth. I gesso the Ampersand boards to give them a little bit of tooth.


About us said...

I saw your award winning painting "Perusing the Morning News" on the OSA website and then found your bunny blog. I'm interested in oil painting lessons and want to know if you teach at OSA? Or anywhere else? Thanks.
Nanine Alexander
(P.S. I used to work with Rene Eisenbart)

About us said...

I really love your paintings. They're wonderfully expressive. -- Nanine Alexander