Sunday, March 11, 2012

New rabbit paintings

I feel like I am finally getting back to a normal life of painting after the Portland Home and Garden show. That show took so much energy. After all we were there 5 days for 9 hours each day and the first day we came early to setup. That was a 12 hour day. That's something this retiree isn't use to. Yikes.

So now I am back to painting rabbits again. These 4 paintings are a commission from a young gentleman who saw my paintings at Beaverton Pet Clinic. Dr. Wilson has kindly let me hang my work in the rabbit exam room.

So, what we have here are paintings of Leo's 4 rabbits: William, a Holland Lop/ Daisy, a Dutch/ Professor, a Californian/ and Olivia, a very black Lionhead.

I'll upload each painting separately so they can be view individually.

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